Touch down! King Stubb & Kasiva advise, Chandrayaan-3 Lands Near Lunar South Pole

IBLC's North India Member advises New Space India Limited

King Stubb & Kasiva, IBLC's member for Mumbai and New Delhi,  advised New Space India Limited, ISRO on the Chandrayaan - 3 program which yesterday accomplished the first landing at the Moon's South pole, the first lunar landing by an Indian spacecraft, and only the fourth country to achieve a lunar landing.

The feat comes days after a Russian effort to be the first to land at the Moon's South Pole failed. Immense skill and precision is needed to hurtle towards an object at thousands of km/h only to slam on the braking rockets at last minute for optimum fuel conservation and efficiency. Emblematic for KSK and all IBLC members!


Posted by Christian Campbell

2023-08-24 02:54:46