Philippe & Partners (IBLC Belgium) Wins Awards

Philippe & Partners (IBLC Belgium) has won awards as "Best Belgian Law Firm 2010" and "Best Litigation Firm of 2010"

During last week’s ceremony of the Belgian Legal Awards 2011, Philippe & Partners won two awards. One – the second time in two years! – for “Best Belgian Law Firm” and the other for “Best Litigation & Arbitration Firm” of 2010 (

After having been elected “Best Law Firm in Banking & Finance” in 2008 and 2010, and “Best Belgian Law Firm” in 2009, we are proud and honoured with this new recognition by the legal community in Belgium and by our clients, which illustrates the fact that our efforts to deliver the best service are highly appreciated.

Philippe & Partners has long lasting experience in litigation & arbitration. Some major, sometimes spectacular or historical court and arbitration cases, in which Philippe & Partners has represented its clients over the recent years, probably justified the award for “Best Litigation & Arbitration Firm”.

For awarding the price of “Best Belgian Law Firm” to Philippe & Partners, the jury gave the following reasons :

  • “Recruitment of new partners improving the multidisciplinarity and expertise of the firm;
  • Keeping in mind the clients’ expectations and providing high-quality services;
  • Outsourcing, qualitative cooperation with corporate lawyers, and ongoing dialogue with the entire legal community including universities;
  • Cooperation with important French, German, Swiss and Dutch firms. New partnership with a Turkish law firm. Strong implication in the legal network Law Europe;
  • Pioneers in the establishment of a firm in Luxembourg
  • Transparent and reasonable fees;
  • Knowledge management, education and support of trainees and young lawyers;
  • Balance between the two sexes within the firm;
  • Art, humanism, humility and human warmth.”

 The whole team of Philippe & Partners is very grateful for these awards and would like to thank the members of the prestigious jury (*). We are also glad to share this recognition with our clients, colleagues, suppliers and friends.

 (*amongst which representatives of FEB-VBO, ICC Belgium, CEPANI, IJE-IBJ and major international and Belgian companies).


Posted by Christian Tyler Campbell

2011-03-30 12:10:23