Save the date: Independent EU law firm opens its first UK office

We are delighted to announce that MPR Partners, a multidisciplinary law firm with a focus on commercial law and a strong presence in the CEE, is finalising the process for the opening of its first London office in the City.

The London office is headed by the firm’s co-founder and co-managing partner Alina Popescu, with the objective to support clients with operations across the UK and the EU, bridging the geographical gap during the Brexit transition and beyond.

The official launch of the London office, along with a new, dedicated website, are planned for Spring 2021.

Alina Popescu commented: “2021 has so far been dedicated to finalising the launch of our new London office, with continued growth in the future. We see a wealth of opportunities in London and hope to start local hires soon enough. Meanwhile, our vast experience in managing legal teams, our highly proficient existing base, our AI capabilities and a very extensive network of contacts worldwide will allow us to successfully and cost effectively handle any mandate. Our international recognition to date and the outstanding feedback from our international clients, many of whom were hoping for us to expand abroad, give us the confidence that the opening of a London arm is the right move at this stage of our firm’s development. London has always been our benchmark in terms of quality of service and competitiveness. With Brexit and the ensuing opportunities, the new office is a natural step forward that will meet our existing clients’ demand for law firms with international presence and hopefully help us to tap into new markets.”

Gelu Maravela, co-founder and co-managing partner, added: “We are thrilled to be opening an international office in London, a visionary city that boasts unparalleled legal expertise and a huge potential for business. This is to some extent a personal satisfaction, from my years of study and previous positions in the UK, which has always been like a second home. Personal story left aside, however, the peculiar context we have been living in for over a year has made us realise the ever growing importance of innovation, transboundary reach, on-site approach and accessibility. Though it may seem like an ambitious move at this time, looking back at the numerous achievements of our past years together, MPR Partners has always been a bold firm to begin with - and we do not plan this to change anytime soon. We are deeply grateful to all our partners for their support in making this happen.”

Further information will follow upon the official inauguration of the MPR Partners London office.

Details about MPR Partners’ Bucharest office is available at


Posted by Olivia Popescu

2021-05-11 04:29:16