Nominations Committee for the Selection of IBLC Chair


I. Mission

To make nominations for the position of Chair of the International Business Law Consortium.

II. Composition

A. Appointees

The IBLC Council shall name three members to serve on the Nominations Committee from the general membership of IBLC.1

No more than one of these members shall come from any one of these five regions: (1) Africa/Middle East, (2) Asia/Pacific; (3) Europe; (4) North America; and (5) South and Central America/Caribbean.

Each appointee shall serve a single three-year term. Terms shall be staggered.2

B. Ex-Officio Members

The Committee shall have two ex officio members, (a) the IBLC Chair, who shall serve on the Nominations Committee for so long as he or she holds the position of Chair, and (b) the IBLC Secretary appointed by CILS, who shall serve on the Nominations Committee continuously and without interruption.

C. Recusal

Nomination Committee members shall not be current Council members and shall not pursue the office of Chair or Councilor during their Committee term and for six months thereafter.

III. Expressions of Interest and Recommendations

The Committee shall seek out expressions of interest and recommendations from all IBLC members.

Any member of IBLC may (a) recommend to the Committee any other member of IBLC, or (b) express his or her own interest to serve as Chair of IBLC.

The Committee may consider on its own initiative any IBLC member to serve as Chair of IBLC.

IV. Nominations Committee Deliberations

The Committee shall carefully and in good faith evaluate and consider all expressions of interest and recommendations to identify the best candidate to serve as IBLC Chair, also taking into account the benefit of nominees emanating (over time) from various parts of the world and each candidate�s achievements in the IBLC.

By a majority vote of its members (appointees and ex-officio members), the Committee shall nominate a candidate to the Council and CILS at least 3 and no more than 6 months prior to the AGM at which the nominee is to become Chair. If the Council does not object to the recommendation � which the Council may do only for important grounds and by a majority vote of its members � CILS shall invite IBLC Members to vote for the confirmation of the appointment.3

Members of the Committee are duty-bound and shall undertake in writing to proceed with the Committee�s work and its evaluation of prospective nominees in the strictest confidence, understanding that it will not benefit any IBLC member or the organization as a whole to have the Committee�s candid appraisal and assessment of prospective nominees made public in any way.


1. A practice has begun to evolve that the outgoing Council makes a proposal prior to the AGM and the new Council confirms this after the AGM. Back

2. Initially, one shall serve a 1-year term, one shall serve a 2-year term and one shall serve a 3-year term: Ceri Delemore AGM '14- AGM' 15; Fernando Rivadeneyra AGM '14-AGM' 16, Caroline Berube AGM '14- AGM '17, Barbara Mayer AGM '15- AGM '18, Rob Solomon AGM'16-'19 ....Back

3. As per the Charter, the Council recommends the nominee to CILS for appointment. CILS would then seek confirmation of this appointment by the membership. Back


Posted by Christian Tyler Campbell

2017-01-18 16:24:36