A big step ahead within Maravela & Asociaţii:

Starting November, Ioan Roman has been named partner of Maravela & Asociaţii, in which capacity he will act as co-head of the dispute resolution department. This is the first time since the firm’s establishment in 2013, when a member of the internal

Background In only two years since its establishment, Maravela & Asociaţii has acquired a sound track record: its founding partners have succeeded to develop a vast portfolio of local and international clients of the highest standards and to grow the team at a quick pace. As a direct consequence, the firm has gathered in an impressively short time important distinctions and acknowledgements. As a direct consequence of this rapid evolution, the firm’s team has also grown substantially. Maravela & Asociaţii’s dispute resolution department has at its turn acquired a solid reputation by providing advice and representation to multinational companies as well aslocal and central authorities in hundreds of cases with multimillion Euro values. Comprising two founding partners internationally renowned for their international litigation and arbitration practice, three specialized partners in insolvency proceedings, associates specialised in insolvency and litigation, tax advisers and a dedicated criminal law team, Maravela & Asociaţii is perfectly equipped in order to cover the entire range of dispute related matters, including commercial and investment arbitration, insolvency proceedings, fiscal litigations, fraud and business crime disputes. Furthermore, firm’s partners are known for successful pre-trial strategies, meant to minimize the risks of potential conflict and to favour amicable settlement resolution. Ioan Roman’s profile Ioan Roman holds significant experience and impressive knowledge in the fields of litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, being known for his rigorous approach of matters, impeccable reasoning in designing litigation strategies as well as for the innovative solutions provided. Throughout his career, Ioan successfully represented companies active in a wide array of industries and business sectors as well as public authorities, in commercial litigations and arbitrations, insolvency proceedings, administrative and work related disputes, forced execution, public procurement matters, local and international arbitrations. Prior to joining Maravela & Asociații, Ioan has acted in reputed Romanian and international law firms, such as Tonucci & Partners, SPV Legal, BPV Grigorescu Ștefănică. Within Maravela & Asociații, Ioan proved a set of impressive professional abilities, successfully coordinating extremely complex disputes, most recent highlights including: representation of a central authority in a dispute encompassing 17 separate court files with a multimillion EUR value concerning an important privatized company; representation of a global producer of sports equipment with regard to a multimillion Euros contract fraud committed by one of their commercial partners; coordination of several portfolios composed of tens of litigious files entrusted by leading multinational companies, etc. “Ioan Roman’s promotion comes as a natural consequence to the fact that, on one hand, he put serious and continuous efforts into all his activities within the firm, fact noticed by all founding partners, and on the other hand, it is a direct answer to the growth that we are happy to experience, on an ascending curve, ever since our establishment. Ioan has obtained worthy victories in complex situations when only through complete mastering of substantial and procedural law principles, experience, determination, strategy, innovation and efficient team management a difference could have been made. These aforementioned attributes together with his tenacity and his passion for business law, make out of Ioan a great example for the type of “material” we are looking for in a partner.” Gelu Maravela, Founding Partner of Maravela & Asociaţii. “I am genuinely thrilled for Ioan, I am happy for us and for the fact that in so little time we have achieved so much. I am equally proud of our entire team and I believe that an important achievement for our firm is the start of promotions being made at partner level. We are constantly expanding our team in order to support our activities and to be able to offer services at the highest standards possible, as our clients have grown accustomed to from our end.“ Alina Popescu, Founding Partner of Maravela & Asociaţii. “In addition to his court experience, Ioan has proven himself in the field of arbitration, whilst also providing – due to enhanced comprehension ability and an impressive legal knowledge – valuable pre-trial counselling and complex negotiation strategies in reconciliation matters and amicable settlements. His promotion is, besides an answer to our firm’s needs, a well-deserved merit won as a result of his efforts.“ Marius Pătrăşcanu, Founding Partner of Maravela & Asociaţii. “When I started alongside Maravela & Asociaţii’s team I was well aware of the existing value, on a professional level and with regard to the human capital. I accepted, hence, the challenge of being part of a united, dynamic and extremely demanding community, holding an organized and efficient way of operating. Becoming a Partner only augments my efforts and enlarges the number of my achievements, now even more than for my personal record, for the success of the entire firm.“ Ioan Roman, Partner, Co-Head of the litigation department.

Posted by Alina Popescu

2015-12-03 03:22:51