Case Study: Domestic Acquisition Takes on International Dimensions

IBLC Members Handle International Angles Emerging During Due Diligence for a US-US Acquisition

Eric Oxley is an attorney with IBLC member firm Koley Jessen, P.C. located in Omaha, Nebraska USA.   Barbara Mayer and Gundo Haacke are attorneys with IBLC member firm Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partners, located in the Freiburg, Germany office.

Koley Jessen represents a large publicly traded (NYSE) manufacturing company that has operations all over the world.    In the fall of 2014, Koley Jessen was working with this client on the purchase of target located in the United States that was valued at over $50 Million.   The target had a key distribution arrangement with a German based manufacturer.    Through due diligence, it became apparent that the distribution agreement would need to be re-negotiated and assigned to the client as part of the transaction.   As a result, Koley Jessen contacted Barbara and Gundo, having previously met at an IBLC Annual Meeting in Barcelona, Spain.    Barbara and Gundo then worked tirelessly with Eric and the client to lead the German aspects of the documentation and negotiation.   The collaborative efforts were successful, the agreement was finalized and executed and the transaction closed in December of 2014.

Since, Gundo has been able to meet with the client at the Chicago IBLC event in 2015, and FGvW has become a German based resource for  the client.


Posted by Christian Tyler Campbell

2015-08-25 13:01:43