IBLC Council Election 2015

Candidates for the Council

The IBLC Council elections will be held on Saturday 19 September at our AGM in Brussels.

Three Council terms will expire at the September 2015 AGM: those of Hiba Husseini, Barbara Mayer and Sophie Lagayette. After two terms in office, Hiba will be term-barred from standing in September; Sophie and Barbara will be eligible to stand for re-election.

Of the three seats, two will be filled through election by the AGM. CILS will appoint the third; in appointing a Councillor, CILS usually seeks to balance the Council geographically or otherwise (and is hesitant to re-appoint an incumbent or someone unwilling to face election).

If you would be interested in serving on the Council, please submit your name to me for the ballot by 20 August 2015. For your reference, the IBLC Charter can be accessed by clicking "More" below. I have highlighted the provisions relating to the Council. In practical terms, Council members are expected to attend most meetings, be available for Council conference calls (every few months), actively conceive and support IBLC membership, professional and business development initiatives, and consult regularly with members (e.g. on regional or practice area bases).

Member representatives standing for election (so far):
Sophie Lagayette
John Pinney
Ramy Torbey
Siegmar Pohl
Anastasia Rusinova


Posted by Christian Tyler Campbell

2015-10-26 11:23:59