Fylgia Law Firm


Stockholm, Sweden

Nybrogatan 11, PO Box 55555
102 04, Stockholm

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Website: http://www.fylgia.se

Lawyers 47 (Partners 27)

General Swedish and International Business Law Practice, IT Law, Construction and Engineering, Contracts and Disputes, EC Law, Agency and Distribution, Environmental Law, Industrial Property, Copyright and Trademarks; Labour Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax Law, Real Estate Law, Reorganizations, Insolvency Law, Litigation and Arbitration.

Professional Contacts

Dimitrij Titov

Ferid Demirel

Anders Flinck

Mattias Larsson

Åsa Lennmor

Katarina Lindgren

Claes Lood

Mathilda Nordmark

Victoria Von Uexküll

Joacim Öhlund

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