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Relations with Governments, public authorities and between States, International Contracts and Joint Ventures, Banking and Finance, Arbitration and International Litigation, Energy and Natural Resources, Intellectual Property, International Art and Cultural Property Law, International Assistance in Civil and Criminal Matters, Information Technology and Telecommunication, QFC Laws and Regulations, Public International Law.

Lalive in Qatar LLP was incorporated at and licensed by the Qatar Financial Center on 31 August 2006 to serve the increasing needs for international legal services in Qatar and in the Gulf Region, which enjoy remarkable wealth and economic growth. We are the first law firm from the European continent licensed in Qatar to offer international legal services. The firm provides full advisory and dispute resolution services to clients from Qatar and abroad, relating to all aspects of international commercial transactions, including corporate and joint ventures, construction and infrastructure projects, investment agreements and procurement contracts. Relevant industries include energy, banking and finance, information technology and telecommunications, real estate and hotels, art and cultural property and intellectual property. We extend our services to a range of clients throughout the world including major corporations, as well as to small and medium enterprises, governments, state enterprises, international organisations and individuals. One of the our major practice areas is to provide advice and assistance in a great variety of international contracts, such as sales, distribution, agency, consultancy, franchise and license agreements and building and industrial engineering. The services often relate to ordinary commercial transactions, where the know-how and international experience of Lalive in Qatar LLP is requested, but also to the setting up, development or management of complex contractual structures, where careful analysis and creative solutions are required, or where critical reviews of voluminous contract documentation must be performed. Lalive in Qatar LLP is supported by Lalive, a well established law firm based in Geneva, with a long tradition in international and comparative law and international dispute resolution. Over more than 40 years, Lalive has developed an extensive network of legal specialists from around the world, which ensures that each case requiring cooperation between firms is dealt with by a team of lawyers selected for their specific expertise and experience. We can also call upon a wide network of legal specialists throughout the world through our membership in the IBLC. In turn our IBLC members can look to us for assistance in Qatar with any international or cross border issues they may have. In addition to this the IBLC acts as a forum for the exchange of legal information and knowledge

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