Fernando E. Rivadeneyra Nuñez

Rivadeneyra, Treviño y De Campo S.C.
31 Poniente No. 4128, 9º Piso, Col. Ampliación Reforma
72160 Puebla, Pue.

☏ + 🖷 +522222492361

✉ frivadeneyra[at]rtydc.com

IBLC Offices

Council (2017-2019)

Regional Officer (2009-2011)

Council (2003-2005)

IBLC Practice Groups


Corporate, M&A

Cross Border Transactions

IBLC News Posts

IBLC Members team up to win VW Bank Bid

Criminal Liability and Corporations in Mexico

New Amendment to the Mexican Federal Labor Law

New Mexican Immigration Law


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